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Having a new baby can be an overwhelmingly wonderful AND challenging experience for new parents.  A New Parent Care Package provides essential items to support the health of new parents after having a baby.


* When you purchase a new parent care package, you are not only buying a care package for YOUR new parent, you are also covering the cost of providing a care package to a new parent in need.  This is a win/win.  We thank you!


NOTE: Are you a hospital or birth professional interested in purchasing care packages for your patients?  Contact us at for information on wholesale pricing!


New Parent Care Package

  • The care package includes both tangible items and informational tools.  The package supports new parents in the areas of  Nourish, Cope & Connect. 

    Contents of the care packages include items such as:

    • online yoga classes
    • custom adult coloring pages
    • a feeding fidget, shower steamer
    • nourishing food items to promote recovery
    • soothing tea, chocolate
    • affirmation cards, meditations
    • vaginal care items and nipple cream
    • tennis ball massage
    • journaling prompts

    Access to information from professionals on topics such as:

    • nutritional advice
    • pelvic floor healing tips
    • postpartum nourishing recipes
    • yoga nidra meditation
    • postpartum mindfulness exercise
    • sleeping tips
    • partner connection prompts
    • baby bonding activities
    • tips for breast care

    (The above information is the contribution of professionals from the NPCP community.)

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