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Thank You!

This project would not be possible without the donations from these businesses and community members. If you have any ideas of ways to support this project, please reach out.

Email: with your inspiration!

Mother and Baby

Physical Therapist

Empowering pregnant & postpartum people to feel prepared for childbirth & confident in their postpartum recovery so that they can truly blossom into parenthood with radiance & grace.


Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor


Bring your spa and therapy experience home.


Graphic Design and Illustration

Enjoying Nature

Natural Sexual Health and Wellness


Compassionate, non-judgmental support to new families in the Seacoast



Cooking Class

Michelle Collins



We are a studio dedicated to fostering acceptance, compassion and loving kindness for oneself, and all living beings.

Herbal Remedies

Connecting Motherhood to Mother Earth

Herb Plants

Join our community of plant people


Helping parents at every age and stage get the relief they need and deserve.

Sunflower Field

When forces out of our control sent us head-first into homeschooling, we decided see it as an opportunity to grow as a family, as individuals, and really explore how life should be!


NaughtyGood is known for our guilt-free, gourmet chocolate bites, with fillings made from all whole ingredients, no added sugar, and no artificial sweeteners. We dare to challenge the traditional view of sweet treats, and give each of our flavors their own personality to promote a message that is bigger than a bite …

Yoga Pose

Esthetics & Reiki: Balance your inner and outer beauty.

Physical therapy on leg

Outpatient Physical Therapists that come to you.

Writing with Pen

Creating content that connects.


A passionate, family-run company that makes delicious, organic breakfast/snack foods.

And a special thank you to these dedicated individuals:
Suanne Ringlein • Lyndi Sargent • Anna Sargent • Holly Kemp
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